At “Les PETITS Joueurs” (Paris) with a GREAT Big Band

Paris-Calvi All Stars Big Band

First concert of The Paris-Calvi All Stars Big Band, directed by Jean-Loup Longnon. With Pierrick Pedron, Bastien Ballaz, Julien Alour, Samy Thiebault, Jerôme Barde, Andy Emler, Frank Guicherd, Jean-Philippe Scali, Brice Moscardini, Andrea Michelluti, Alexis Bourguignon, Alexis Avakian, Zool Fleischer, Jean-Loup Longnon, Pierre de Bethmann, Olivier Temine, Jean-Phillipe Viret, Phillipe Renault, Ramon Fossati, Guy Arbion, Antoinette d’Angelli, Marc Thomas y Chloe Cailleton. What a pleasure !


“A gun in each hand” released in Brazil

Last week it was released in Brazil the last film by Cesc Gay, “A gun in each hand”, under the name of “O Que os Homens Falam”. Take a look to the trailer, featuring the song “Six Times Ten”, recorded with Toni Solà and Ignasi Terraza in our CD “The Black Key”!

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