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Five in Orbit
Label : Fresh Sound New Talent, 2010
  1. Five Angels
  2. Freaks
  3. Naked Snaked
  4. 45º angle
  5. K
  6. Chicken
  7. Chromatic Darkness
  8. Green Oak
  9. Line 475

Ramon Fossati, trombone and shells
Olivier Brandily
, alto sax, flutes and bass clarinet
Laurent Bronner
, piano and prepared piano
Nicolas Rageau
, double bass
Luc Isenmann, drums

“Following Ellington-Mingus-Kirk’s influences, their music speeds through the pure jazz highway, far away from type-casting or forced thematic restrictions. (…) The group’s sounds, that freshly amalgamate all jazz languages, brings us with ‘FrEaKs’ a wide variety of new sensations, with such original textures, arrangements and atmospheres. (…) A great CD that you’ll devour from beginning to end, like a good film.”

Karles Torra, journalist

“Five in Orbit’s album ‘FrEaKs’ is what I call an album/door: a close and hazy universe threshold, melancholic and strong, tactile and ethereal. (…) I listened to the album from beginning to end and I found myself absorbed into a profoundly evocative atmosphere that completely fascinated me. (…)

Their themes have become my daily soundtrack.”

Isabel Coixet, film director