Frank Wess meets the Paris-Barcelona Swing Connection
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Paris-Barcelona Swing Connection
Label : Fresh Sound New Talent, 1992
  1. Hi, Mr. Wess
  2. Bluesin' in Cadaqués
  3. Shiny Stockings
  4. In a Sentimental Mood
  5. Tickle Toe
  6. Close You Eyes
  7. The Midgets
  8. Natacha's Blues
  9. Always
  10. Ellington Ballad Medley: Prelude to a kiss / Star Crossed Lovers
  11. Shufflin'

Frank Wess, tenor sax and flute
Oriol Bordas, vibraphone, alto sax, musical direction
Patrick Artero, trumpet, flugelhorn
Gilles Berthenet, trumpet
Thierry Lhiver, trombone
Philippe Chagne, tenor, alto and bariton sax
Dominique Vernhes, tenor sax and clarinet
Philippe Duchemin, piano
Ramon Fossati, acoustic and electric guitar
Jean-Pierre Rebillard, double bass
Stéphane Roger, drums