Callin’ the Spirits
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Ramon Fossati Sextet
Label : Juste une Trace, 2007
  1. Temps d'Être
  2. Mantia Livia Plurabella
  3. Callin' the Spirits
  4. Catch It
  5. Settimana Romana
  6. Le Coing du Blues
  7. Let the Dance Begin with You
  8. O. P.
  9. That Aint Bad

Ramon Fossati, trombone
Ronald Baker, trumpet, vocals
Olivier Brandily, alto sax
Thüryn Mitchel, piano
Nicola Sabato, double bass
Jean-Pierre Derouard, drums

“Modern but without giving up tradition and really impressive. A great work.”

Pere Pons, Jaç magazine

“The sound, very balanced, highlights the precision and the quality of the arrangements. It’s really a great work!”

Jean-Jacques Taïb, Jazz Hot