Ramon Fossati, trombone and shells
Olivier Brandily, alto sax, flutes and bass clarinet
Laurent Bronner, piano and prepared piano
Nicolas Rageau, double bass
Luc Isenmann, drums


Five in Orbit was founded in 2003, bringing together the musical personalities of Ramon Fossati, Laurent Bronner and Olivier Brandily in a collective project that includes all jazz languages. Together with Nicolas Rageau and Luc Isenmann, they offer us a unique, luminous and communicative music. The Five in Orbit have fed on the sources of jazz transmitting vitality, energy and a special ability to enjoy music.

After the release of their first work, Five in Orbit (Quadrant Records – 2006), Fresh Sound New Talent, one of the most important European labels, produces their second album FrEaKs in 2009.

Including mainly original compositions that go beyond the established stylistic frameworks and that affirm the group’s personality, the album shows an especially well cared for writing, sound textures and arrangements, in a well-organized “chaos”. Always in search of new timbres to enrich their compositions, Five in Orbit also plays with the sound of shells, prepared piano, flutes, gongs and the songs of birds.

Giulia Valle and Martí Serra, two important figures of the Catalan music scene, bring in an additional dose of originality to the recording.


“Rarely a sum of influences, knowledge and references has resulted in such a personal and refreshing work.”
Pere Pons, Jaç magazine

“An effervescent and expressionistic quintet, never anchored in the past. This is an invitation to go into trance.”
Alex Dutilh, Jazzman – Radio France

“Their themes have become the soundtrack of my everyday life.”
Isabel Coixet, film director



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New album 2016!


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