Stromb at the Festival Les Rutilants

On July 5, before the concert of Stromb at the Fest. Les Rutilants, we had the pleasure to share the afternoon with the participants of the Workshop on introduction to the techniques to play shells!

Stromb in Paris

Exciting concert in Paris with Stromb organized by France Inter in tribute to Bernard Maris, a victim of the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Stromb in concert at Vitry-sur-Seine


(Photo by Lucinda Terreyre)

First concert of STROMB



On June 6th, we presented for the first time in concert, as part of the Festival “Les Lorientales” (Lorient, France), a new musical project with shells as main instrument: STROMB.
Here you can see it:

Stromb en residence

In residence with Stromb. First gigs very soon !

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